Consulting approach

Executive Search.

Trust, discretion and individuality are even rated higher, if the focus of a position is a special sector or a specific expertise.

In an environment of growing competition, only the Executive Search and the direct contact with qualified people can fulfill the complex requests of modern recruitment. It is precise, quick and discreet.

For REIFF MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS, search is a structured process which enables both quality and speed and guarantees candidates professional assistance.

At first we learn our client’s business in detail before going underway. Only the full understanding of the company culture leads to a true fit. A detailed job specification is shaping the right focus in personality and expertise and forms the guideline for any further action.

We especially take care to build up a strong personal relationship with people. Therefore, we go further than usual, and the first contact to potential candidates is made by the consultant already. This approach is highly appreciated and starts a qualified conversation with an exchange of valuable information right from the start.

Face to face interviews remain an essential element to take a closer look on the expertise and to understand the personal motivation. With our deep understanding of our clients, we can transfer the company’s spirit – and motivate candidates to embrace a new challenge.

The proof of our success and our constant aspiration is a long company service of every new employee, not only years but even decades in many cases.